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4th April !!

2017-03-29 15:58:28 by antonmarcelo

April 4: AscDungeon Chapter IV!  Stay Tunned! 



ASCDungeon week! Anvil of Souls Chapert 4! New levels are on the way! Stay Tunned!


Orc Leader 0.6 Released!

2017-03-24 14:23:28 by antonmarcelo

Let´s play orcs! New Orcleader version released!

Post about ASCDungeon  in Indie Retro News!!!


Lost in Orc Leader?

2017-03-20 16:18:56 by antonmarcelo


Orcleader 0.5 on the way!

2017-03-19 13:45:31 by antonmarcelo

Tuesday march 21! Orcleader 0.5 will be release!




Some words

2017-03-17 06:04:12 by antonmarcelo

Words about my projects and making games... A liitle essay at Bluword , feel free to sand your oppinions

OrcLeader Week!

2017-03-15 20:44:47 by antonmarcelo

This week we bring news from Orcleader ! New build are onthe way!



New weapon for dungeons! Bosses are on the way!
— Orcrobot (@RiachueloGames)
16 de março de 2017


Thanks to Mr Big T. Anderson for game play!!!